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The night before Renata got on a plane to Greece, she grabbed her father’s old 35MM camera. Until then the thing was basically treated like some sort of collector item, even though her father did teach her how to handle 35MM machinery. Once the safety cover came off Renata quickly developed a true analog landscape passion. After Greece, she brought her new friend to Bali and Italy. By now they’re inseparable travel mates, which led to this 35MM photography prints collection.

That every film roll simply has an end makes choosing what to register with a 35 MM camera an important part of the process. Every frame needs that bit of extra attention. Once those rolls are filled with surprise, coming home just becomes that much more exciting. The many types of blue created by the sea and sky came out grainy, giving the 35MM photography prints a magical touch. 

Visiting a total of thirty countries and collecting over a hundred stories resulted in the idea of creating several travel collections. See them as a reminder that being a part of nature is the way to recharge and that you should never stop wandering this planet.  All analog work is printed on 200 grams fine art paper, which is acid-free so your favorite picture never turns yellow, brittle or cracks. Order now and hang one of these limited editions 35MM photography prints on your wall.