In the simmering heat of Australia, you’re forced to slow down at some point. That’s when Renata’s eye caught these misty leaves and fabric like structured rosed. There’s a whole world hiding from you. Once you stop, you can really see. This botanical photography prints collection reminds you to be amazed by the tiny details of this world.

When she finds an interesting subject Renata likes to sit with it for a while. Observe a bit. And hey, it was hot so what’s the rush anyway? Even a simple leaf grain can be beautiful. All you have to do is get that beauty out. It takes a fraction of a second and all that needs to be done at that point is to press that shutter.

Visiting a total of thirty countries and collecting over a hundred stories resulted in the idea of creating several travel collections. See them as a reminder that being a part of nature is the way to recharge and that you should never stop wandering this planet. All analog work is printed on 200 grams fine art paper, which is acid-free so your favorite picture never turns yellow, brittle or cracks. Order now and hang one of these limited edition landscape photography prints on your wall.