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The night before she travels to Greece, Renata packed her father’s old 35MM camera. It was hanging in her living room for years as a decor object. This trip turned out to be the starting point of an analog landscape passion. After traveling to Greece, Renata and her camera traveled to Bali and Italy - now they are inseparable traveling mates.

The simple fact that every film roll comes to an end, choosing well what to register is an important part of the process. Every frame needs to be thought through. Coming back home after an adventure is now exciting, once those rolls are full of surprise. The many different types of blue created by the sea and sky came out grainy, giving the 35 mm photography prints a magical touch. All those landscapes are a big invitation to never stop wandering around the planet.

All analog work is printed on 200 grams fine art paper, which is acid-free so your favorite picture never turns yellow, brittle or cracks. Order now and hang one of these limited editions 35MM photography prints on your wall.