2/3 of a wave . Limited Edition


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2/3 of a wave . Limited Edition
2/3 of a wave . Limited Edition

Juquehy, Brazil 2019

Edition of 25

The motif is part of the artist Renata Chede's series The joy of happy accidents. "This image was created with a complex camera that used to belong to my grandfather. Everything was manual, including the focus, so I had to watch some videos online and try to understand. It seems I didn't understand well because a lot of the photos didn’t come out as expected. 2/3 of a wave is an overlaid of two photos I took."

Do you find yourself drawn to the placid side, where there are little calm waves and brighter colours? Or the rougher right-hand part of the photograph, where the sea is full of force and dynamic energy? Maybe you find it varies with how you’re feeling on any given day? Try to imagine standing in the shallows, feeling the water around your lower legs and the sand moving beneath your feet.

The purchase of this photo includes a signed and numbered physical fine art print. Giclée printed with 12 color archival pigments on Hahnemühle fine art paper. To add a custom handmade wooden frame click here.

Framing & Hanging Tips
Keep to natural tones for the frame and the hanging wall to get the most from the muted palette.



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2/3 of a wave . Limited Edition
2/3 of a wave . Limited Edition

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